Love Notes


"The workshop was very eye opening. It shed light on the power of a 'business mentality'. I especially, enjoyed the branding and affirmation portions of the workshop. Both sections were very practical and made me feel optimistic about my role as public relations coordinator and future young professional."

Elizabeth Guzman


"This workshop was phenomenal! It was a fresh take on how to effectively recruit and it taught me a lot about keeping a solid base with interests and improving upon recruitment methods. I loved it! Very well-done, very engaging."

Laida Alarcon

"I follow your work very closely and truly admire the rebranding work you did for the team. It inspired me to rebrand the Association." 

Elisa Molina


"This was an amazing workshop. I really enjoyed the portion on how to connect with people. I find myself now observing the way others behave and mimicking them in order to attempt to connect with them on a more deeper level. I also really liked the timeline that was developed for promotional purposes. I think we always want to do so much but we always resort to the same type of PR that does not always work but given a timeline with suggestions on how often to use them makes it a lot easier and a much better use of our time."

Maria Cuevas


Looking For A Speaker?


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  • Bootstrap Your Way To Success: Grow Your Business By Leading With Revenue

  • Think Like a Millionaire: Long Term Wealth Strategies

Other Topics Include:

  • Creating Intentional Relationships
  • Personal Branding
  • Effective Communication and More