So what do I do and how can I help you?

  • I sell Real Estate and hold your hand through the process. Ready to buy, sell or invest? Get in touch. 

  • I coach Real Estate Agents to bridge the divide between understanding what it takes to succeed in real estate and actually doing it. If you're looking to build a successful business through support, education, motivation and accountability,  then let's talk!

  • I write & speak on the intersections of la cultura, wealth-building and real estate over on the Huffington Post. Why? Because I'm all about empowerment through education.

And Who am I?

You can check out my official bio if you want, but I personally prefer fun facts so here are a few about me:

  • I started my first company straight out of college and lived out of a suit case in the back room of my very first office (on a blow-up air mattress that would deflate halfway through each night!). #TheStruggleWasReal
  • I've got a thing for personal development and high-fiving Tony Robbins is on my bucket-list. I've also walked on glass, eaten fire, and punched through a board in the name of pushing myself to see what I'm capable of. 
  • I speak on various topics (Wealth-Building, Latina Leadership, Branding, etc.) for universities and organizations and I once had a chance to share the stage with Kevin Harrington of ABC’s Shark Tank! (Inside Secret: He's a lot shorter than he looks on TV!)
  • I've been featured a few places like KTLA Channel 5 News,, She's Trending and Real Estate Game Changers Radio to name a few, but my favorite so far was a show I did on Latino Radio called Mujeres Y Yo. That's because it was my first time ever going live en Español!
  • I wrote The Chingona Manifesto because I believe that my feminism, my culture, my net worth and my growth are all intertwined and I wanted to speak to the souls of women like me. It has been shared over 1000+ times!
  • I went through a bad business break-up back in 2015 which resulted in selling my part of a company I had helped grow to 6 digit revenue in under 6 months. Not a bad way to end things and ring in birthday 25.

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