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...Every Business story starts somewhere, right?

Mine starts with her....


The woman pictured here is my abuela, Angela Rivera Elizondo, a woman from El Chante, Jalisco Mx. A mother of 6, she followed her husband to California where they both worked in factories saving up the money they needed to create a home for their family, and bring the children they had left behind to the land of opportunity. Together they created a home, but rather than the quintessential dream home with the white picket fence, they purchased a three-unit property where they could start to plant their own roots, build a home and create a legacy.

When she told me this story for the first time, her story, she said,


Hay que sembrar para cosechar.
You have to plant seeds in order to reap the harvest.


That little three-unit property in South Gate, Ca took care of her throughout her life. It’s the reason my dad became a real estate investor planting his own seeds and investing in assets. It’s the reason that as a little girl, he took me with him to see the apartments and homes he and my mother had bought & rented out, filled with orgullopride, at the legacy that they were building one home at a time. It’s why when he taught me to drive at 17, I learned to change lanes while we drove from home auction to home auction, learning so much more than I could ever have hoped to pick up in Drivers Ed.

And her story is the reason that I'm so passionate about providing my community with access to wealth & legacy building resources. Whether it's through empowering people through my Keynote addresses or writing on The Huffington Post, coaching Real Estate Agents to grow their businesses at Keller Williams, or educating homeowners on the sales process through my second book, The Secrets to Sold— I strive every day to continue her legacy and my personal mission to empower people like you to create multi-generational wealth and influence by investing in yourself and in real estate.

So stay a while. Figure out what seeds you need to plant. Nurture yourself with knowledge and action. And GROW.


In Loving Memory of Angela Elizondo Rivera - (July 29, 1931 - July 5th, 2017)