Getting a real estate license is like getting a fishing license; the license doesn't catch fish.

Productivity Coaching is the vehicle that helps our agents to bridge the divide between understanding what it takes to succeed in real estate and actually doing it.

As a certified Business and Success Coach with the International Business and Entrepreneurship Association, speaker, author and Realtor, Monica Rivera provides Productivity Coaching with a mission to empower agents to build successful businesses through support, education, motivation and accountability. 


Our Mission is to empower agents to become sustainable "Cappers" by providing them with the systems, tools, support and accountability to build a business worth owning, a career worth having, and a Life worth living.

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Productivity Coaching

The job of the productivity coach is to educate, guide, direct and motivate you in building a solid foundation upon which you can build your career and businesses as large as you choose.  We complete this through a combination of one-on-one business planning and group accountability sessions held weekly.  You will be placed in a group and/or individual sessions and be given tasks to complete prior to the next session.

One-On-One Intake Session

Our first goal is to build a business plan you can follow and live by.  During our one-on-one intake session, we will complete the following:

  • Career Growth Initiative - We will explore your personal profit aspiration to set up and track your productivity goals.

  • 1-3-5 Business Planning - We will create a unique business plan for you based on the profit-levels you want to achieve.

  • 411 Accountability Tool  - Together we will determine what high leverage activities you should be doing on a monthly and weekly basis to achieve your goals.

As your Productivity Coach, I will support you with the implementation of your plan, including breaking through limiting beliefs and helping you shift your mindset to constantly think BIGGER!  Skills, disciplines, strategies, and tactics will also be included.

Additional Program Details

  • Weekly activities tracking emphasizing accountability and understanding conversion ratios
  • Monthly trainings focusing on lead generation and follow up, buyer and seller presentations
  • Exclusive access to an abundance of real estate tools including scripts/dialogues, checklists, forms, recorded conference calls
  • Access to productivity tools such as a Mojo Triple Line Dialer and call lists


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