#WeAllGrow Love Notes

Last weekend I attended the #WeAllGrow Summit (the love child of Ana Flores) and I want to share the experience with all of you, but I thought I’d approach this just a little bit differently.

You see, when I decided to attend #WeAllGrow (hereafter referred to as #WAG), I had no idea what to expect, so I did what every self-respecting millennial would do…. I stalked the internet.

I found countless recaps and play-by-plays drifting around on the internet, because let’s be real: 1. It’s an absolutely awe-inspiring, passion-fueled weekend and 2. The attendees are primarily bloggers and content creators so how can they not post about it?

They wrote and vlogged about how empowering it was, all the amazing free goodies and sponsors, the connections and friends they made and so much more, but I still felt a little confused about what to expect when it came to actually connecting with sponsors, speakers and the one-on-ones (more on that later!).

So instead of just a play-by-play, in this series of #WAG love notes, you’ll also get more on what to expect, how to be prepared, the things I wish I’d known, what I learned, my major takeaways and tips for when you make it out to #WeAllGrow yourself, because if there’s one thing I want you to take away, it’s that you should absolutely be there next year! (Keep checking back for updates!)

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