So you just bought a ticket to #WeAllGrow Summit! Now what?!

This is part of a series of posts about the #WeAllGrow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect which I attended in March 2016. See the rest of the posts HERE.

So the funny thing is, I was one of those people who was lusting after #WAG after seeing it on Instagram and kept postponing buying a ticket…. and then the day I decided to take the plunge, they were SOLD OUT!  I was extremely lucky I got a ticket off the waitlist, but moral of the story, DON’T be me!

Do not risk not getting a ticket to this event!

Anyways, back to what to expect and do once you actually buy your ticket:

  • Make sure you are part of the facebook group for attendees! With most conferences I’ve attended, you get added to a private facebook event AFTER the event. This is not so with #WAG, which actually has a private facebook group immediately after you purchase your ticket. I was a little late to the party because I got a ticket off of the waitlist, but I could see how active the group was after I did get in. This is where people start cultivating initial friendships and connections and can organize room shares. Also, Ana and her team make super important announcements here, like when to check your email!
  • (Hot Tip: Click the notifications button on the right hand side and set to ALL during Pre-#WAG)
  • Speaking of email, the refresh button is your new best friend! In the weeks leading up to #WAG, you’ll get constant updates about new sponsors, cool events, contests, and most importantly exclusive and time-sensitive opportunities! Although I wasn’t expecting this, I was extremely BLESSED to have scored a couple of these exclusive opportunities, including a one-on-one with a Telemundo Executive sponsored by title sponsor Netrogena, a one-on-one with a Pinterest consultant and a one-on-one with Marie Chalita, the senior digital editor of Vanidades magazine!
  • Big “to do”, order business cards whether or not you have a website! You will be connecting. A lot. So having a business card is an absolute must. But don’t be so worried about whether or not you have a website up yet, as I know some of you might be attending to find out more about the industry. Just make sure you have a clear way to reach you! I had my logo and contact info on one side and the other side matched my branding and said “Live a life you love & create your own legacy. Let me show you how.” The statement was meant to inspire curiosity since I hadn’t launched my site or defined my ‘pitch’ yet when I ordered my cards.
  • With that being said, definitely define your pitch. At #WeAllGrow, you have a chance to meet with a ton of absolutely amazing people who can turn out to be life-long friends, business partners, employers, and so much more. Being able to communicate what you do in a clear and concise way is so important! If you’re interested in how to craft your own, you can get my 3-Step Process to Craft Your Killer Elevator Pitch below!