Real Estate Branding | Who Does it Benefit?

Turn on your TV and you see them; listen to the radio and you hear them. They’re everywhere you turn, but who does real estate branding really benefit? The agent or the broker?

Most companies will tell you they are spending gobs of money to promote the company to generate leads for their agents, but the truth is less than 3% of home buyers/sellers will choose an agent based on the company they work for; they choose the agent based on the relationship they build and the knowledge they possess. So why do companies spend so much on advertising and real estate branding if it’s the last thing clients look for? Simply to help grow the company’s brand, not the agent’s.

At Keller Williams we don’t spend a penny on real estate branding. The money that could be used to advertise the brokerage is instead put back into training, education, technology and support so the agent can thrive and build their own personal brand. By investing in the agent instead of the company image, Keller Williams continues in a tough economy while other companies keep advertising their brand and continue to lose agents. At KW, it’s your real estate business!