My Top Tips for How To Make The Most Out of Your #WeAllGrow One-on-Ones

This is part of a series of posts about the #WeAllGrow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect which I attended in March 2016. See the rest of the posts 

As part of the #WeAllGrow experience, I was BLESSED to have scored a couple of exclusive opportunities, including a one-on-one with a Telemundo Executive sponsored by title sponsor Neutrogena®, a one-on-one with a Pinterest consultant and a one-on-one with Marie Chalita, the senior digital editor of Vanidades magazine!

The thing is, I had no idea what that meant! Were these one-on-ones going to be information sessions? Was I meant to pitch them? Was it just about getting advice?

Since I wasn’t sure if the conversations were guided or not, I came up with my own list of questions and discussion topics for each session and also worked on really having my “what do you do” statement down (aka my pitch).  I figured I’d rather be over-prepared.

In addition, I decided what my intention was for each session. Because I had just relaunched my site, when it came to meeting with Borja and Marie, I wanted to validate my idea and focus from the media experts themselves. And for the Pinterest meeting, I wanted to gain more education on how to use Pinterest as a lead generation tool.

Neutrogena® Tutoring Session

The first of my sessions was sponsored by Neutrogena® and was dubbed an ‘expert tutoring session’ as part of their “See What’s Possible”/“VerasQueEsPosible” campaign. I had the pleasure of being welcomed into the suite to meet with Borja Perez, the SVP of Digital & Social Media for NBCUniversal.

The conversation started with Borja asking what I do and developed organically from there. Though I can’t reveal all of our conversation, I can share that we discussed how media and NBC/Telemundo is evolving to connect with millennial Latina women through unique and innovative content. And because my blog topics center more on wealth creation for the millennial Latina woman, he felt that yes, there is absolutely a space in the market for this which was the validation I was looking for.

I truly enjoyed my time with Borja and the cherry on top was that after, I was pampered in the suite with sweets and bubbly, a make-up touch up, awesome My Intent custom bracelet with my word of choice (Chingona in case you were curious) and $100 Neutrogena® to spend in their store on full-size products!

Pinterest Analytic Session

For my Pinterest session, this was closer to my expectations and was an education session on how to make the most of Pinterest analytics for my business.

This session was highly technical which I enjoyed, as we both had our computers out and I got hands on training in how to use the Pinterest analytics dashboard, add rich pins to my site, and view which pins tended to work best with my followers.

This was very eye opening and I have already started to implement some of the amazing information!

Session with Vanidades

My last session was with the amazing Marie Chalita, the senior digital editor of Vanidades magazine. I was actually early to this one, which worked out because the person before me missed their appointment.

For me, connecting with Marie was a joy because I grew up with Vanidades magazine and it was a pleasure to learn more about how the magazine works on the collaboration and content side of things. We also discussed how digital media has evolved over the past few years.

Marie also gave me invaluable advice, to keep pursuing what I’m doing because the content I am creating is unique and not oversaturated in the market yet. It was absolutely a win for me!

So that’s how my one-on-ones went. My key take-aways are below!

My Top Tips for How To Make The Most Out of Your One-on-Ones

  • Hone your pitch so that you can clearly articulate what you do and why
  • Know your intention for each session
  • Have questions and discussion topics prepared as it may be up to you to guide the conversation
  • Be early and do not miss your session!
  • Thank them for their time
  • Follow up!
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