Hustle Recognizes Hustle ft. Samantha Elizondo

Did I mention hustling runs in the family?

Hustle Recognizes Hustle, is a showcase of those who have or are in the process of hustling to make their dreams come true. There are people out there just like you working towards their goals, and I want you to hear what they are up to and why they do what they do.

First up, I had the pleasure of interviewing Samatha Elizondo, accomplished singer, actress and my cousin,  in the midst of the drop of her second single, Oh Oh Oh.  Check out her interview & music video below.

What’s your hustle?
My hustle is making my dreams a reality. I know what I want and am going for it. I have goals and want to achieve things in my life. I am working hard and hustling to make that happen.

What is your why – the reason you do what you do?
I love singing. My grandpa taught me my first song, “Cielito Lindo”. When he passed away, I began to really enjoy singing because I felt like he was still with me. Singing and music is a way to express myself. I love how much it has changed my life. I work hard because I love what I do.

Some athletes listen to music, some actors visualize and run through the scene in their head…. What about you? What gets you in the zone before a performance?
I think just being surrounded by people I love gets me in the “zone.” I love to just have fun on stage and knowing that people I care about are there supporting me just gives me that extra little push.

What is your biggest achievement so far?
I feel like my biggest achievement so far is really discovering myself. I feel like these past few years have helped me gain perspective and knowledge. I understand myself better and I know what I want, at least at the moment. I always will have so much more to learn, but I have definitely grown a lot.

What would you like to tell to everyone hustling to make their dreams come true?
We all have dreams, but what is going to separate our dreams from reality is our hustle. Anything is possible with some hard work. No matter how many times you want to give up because your dreams aren’t coming true, keep going. It can take a long time to accomplish our goals, but it will all be worth it. Life gives us obstacles so we can grow and become a better person. We can’t let these obstacles stop us. Keep hustling!