Ft. On Zillow

The power of goals and putting things out into the universe. 🙌🏽 About mid-year, I joked to a friend on wanting to be featured on the holy trinity of real estate publications— Realtor.com, @Zillow, & Inman. Just hit 2 out of 3 and didn't even know it! 😅

When it comes to why rent vs own, being a Realtor myself has given me a unique perspective on what the Zillow group calls the "breakeven horizon" or the point at which it makes financial sense to buy vs. to rent depending on how long you plan to stay somewhere because the cost of renting will exceed those of buying. My own goals are to invest in a rental portfolio first before a permanent residence and I discussed a little of that with Sarah over at Zillow. Considering writing a follow-up piece about this. 🤔

Anyways, you can catch me on Zillow for a bit. 😊️

LINK: https://www.zillow.com/blog/portrait-of-a-long-term-renter-207810/

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