Ft. on Women Who Misbehave

A year ago this weekend, I attended We All Grow Latina for the first time. I met a woman in the lobby the first morning, who I am now blessed to call friend, and connected with some of the most phenomenal women I have ever met. ✨

It has been an amazing year watching these women put in work and grow their businesses and brands and I've been beyond inspired knowing most of them are also mothers! Today, I feel blessed to have had #TheChingonaManifesto mentioned on a podcast two of them launched this year! 🙌🏽 If you haven't yet, go subscribe to 'Women Who Misbehave'— a podcast about the intersections of pop-culture, the political, the personal and the spiritual by @betsyaimeec and @luzwarrior. It is straight 🔥and a must-listen to especially in this day and age. ❤

Link: https://www.womenwhomisbehave.com/episodes-2/2017/3/5/episode-4-the-women-who-saved-our-lives