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An Open Letter on Why I’m Not Voting for Hillary Clinton and How Sick and Tired I Am of Being Shamed For It (PSA: I’m Not Voting For Trump, Either)

I don’t make political posts on my social pages often, mostly because I hate being a part of long, drawn-out political and often pointless arguments. Just because you write a longer comment or send angry emojis doesn’t mean you’ll change my opinion, so I usually just don’t see the point. I do share my opinions when asked, but I generally opt for expressing them in a logical and non-confrontational manner without trying to shove them down people’s throats. I’m not trying to force anyone to feel the way I do when it comes to politics, especially when it comes to such a controversial election as this one… but I’m sick and tired of being shamed for where I stand.

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Real Estate Agent and Trump Supporter Fired for Racist Instagram Remarks

There was an incident in the real estate community recently that both angered and fascinated me. A prominent Caucasian female agent posted hateful and racially charged comments to photos on an Instagram account dedicated to black and brown unity. These comments included “Well they are dirty Mexicans,” “We need a wall are you kidding!!! Go Trump!” and “Get these thugs out of our country”.

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