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Say No To The Business Booty Call: The Value of Building Real Relationships in the Business World

I believe in the power of relationships, and anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE to network. There’s just something about meeting people in person, finding out what their passion is and connecting with them on that very human and personal level.

But time and again, a perfectly amazing connection goes sour. You see, I have a major pet peeve in business and that pet peeve is the business booty call.

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Field Trip: Taking Long Beach to a Whole New Level

Let me preface this by saying I almost skipped out on day 1, which in retrospect I can now say would have been a major mistake!

You see day 1 is alllllll about the field trips and new friends!

My field trip experience was a tour of Long Beach hosted by The Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. Being an LA native, I thought well, it’s just Long Beach right? WRONG!

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