SHIFT Your Real Estate Business Into High Gear with Twelve Tactics for Tough Times (Tactics 4-6: Find The Motivated, Lead Capture and Conversion & Internet Lead Generation)


Tactics 4-6

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Tactic #4. Find The Motivated

  • Know the Numbers – Your Numbers and the Market Numbers

  • The Minute Key Signs Show Up: Ramp up your lead generation and change your messaging!

  • As leads become fewer you must: Attract more, get to them first and convert them faster!

  • Your messages must be appropriate to the conditions.

  • Make more direct offers that will attract responses.

  • Do the sellers you are talking to really need to sell? Will they price their home to sell? Will they get it in the proper condition?

  • Do the buyers really need and want to buy? Are they going to listen to you? Do they understand that there are good buys in every market?

Own The Outcome:

  • You can never be sure what it will take to find enough motivated clients to achieve your numbers.

  • Be willing to do whatever it takes.

  • The easy business will have disappeared.

  • Start with no spending.

  • Play ‘red light, green light’

  • Hold lead generation expenses accountable.

Two Truths:

  • Lead generation does not have to cost you money!

  • Offer-response messaging will get the best results in the shortest time.

  • Get proactive with direct prospecting. First to those you know, second to those who have indicated a need and third, to those who have contact you.


Your Message Matters:

  • People respond if there is some direct benefit to them.

  • Give them a reason to call.

  • This is offer-response lead generation.

  • Make an offer – response can either be direct or indirect.

  • Make offers for immediate response.

  • It is a numbers game!

Get in the Path of Business:

  • Don’t cocoon.

  • Don’t stay in the office.

  • Get out of the house.

  • Take it to the streets.

  • Ask, seek and knock.

Tactic #5. Getting to the Table That Matters – Lead Capture and Conversion

  • The bigger truth about lead generation is that it is actually ‘lead conversion’.

  • Leads are scarce-so conversion becomes critical.

  • It is a 3 step process: Capture-Connect-Cultivate.

The Two Battles:

  • The Battle to get to the listing table

  • The Battle at the table to get the listing

  • Lead conversion requires more than just winging it.


  • Your capture system will insure that you get enough information from the lead that you can contact them.


  • Your connection system will generate a timely, scripted response, which will naturally lead to a conversion, which then allows you to assess their needs and establish a relationship.


  • Your cultivation system will record your follow-up contacts, assure the building of relationships, and keep you on the path to appointments.

The Conversion Process:

  • The three C’s of conversion – Capture, Connect and Cultivate – deploy both scripts and systems.

  • The only question will be which comes first.

Tactic #6. Catch People in Your Web – Internet Lead Generation

  • If people visit your websites and you never know who they are, what has it gained you?

  • Many agents get caught up in the internet excitement and don’t really think clearly about their strategy.

  • They become frustrated at what it is costing them and how little business they are converting from it.

  • If they don’t leave any trail you can follow, they’re just a ship passing in the night.

  • Be sure your site has a way for the consumer to register and a reason to do so.

Baiting The Hook:

  • You have to give them a reason to register.

  • Your site must have ‘thin bait’ that attracts people to your site and keeps them there for a while.

  • Then you must offer something more, the ‘fat bait’ for them to want to register.

  • Once they have registered, fast response is critical.

  • You ca use email and text messaging.

Long Term Cultivation:

  • Today’s buyers begin their research early.

  • Your systems will need to be able to retain and grow these relationships with a sustained effort.

  • But, don’t assume that it will always take a long time or many contacts.

  • Check their pulse and get them started on the active search process.

Return on Your Lead Generation Investment – The Truths:

  • The cost-per-lead converted is not very different from most of the fundamental lead generation approaches.

  • Internet lead generation does not cost less.

  • Technology and the internet are no longer a choice.

  • Their relative importance, position, and cost in your lead geneeration program is a choice.