Why goals work & the crazy story of how I met Nely Galan twice in 1 week!

Someone asked me this weekend, if I had to choose a role model, someone I wanted to be like, who would that be.

My answer without a moment’s hesitation?

Nely Galan. 

Not only is she an absolutely accomplished mujer– youngest guest editorship of Seventeen magazine, first Latina president of Telemundo, entrepreneur, investor, and among other things my favorite, philanthropist, but Nely is also the founder of the ‪#‎AdelanteMovement‬, an organization sponsored by Coca Cola which promotes her vision of empowering Latina women through educational resources, because she understands the economic power that Latina women wield!

Her famous slogan “Don’t buy shoes, buy buildings” is part of the inspiration for my vision of empowering Latinas to create multi-generational wealth through income properties. 

But you know what’s really crazy?

Less than 24 hours after answering that question, I MET her…. for the second time in a week!

Why do I tell you this? Well, about 1 month ago, after telling someone what I do, he suggested I make a point of seeing Nely speak live… and so I wrote down on my to-do list “Meet Nely Galan”.

And here I am, just one month later, having seen her speak and having the opportunity to meet her live TWICE.

Why? Because I wrote it down!

Writing down your goals works miracles and it’s the #1 reason why I write out goals (and a carta de amor to myself) every single month. Wanna find out why it works and try it out for yourself? Subscribe below for your own guide to Goal Setting with Soul.